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How to buy a car

To purchase a car from our car manufacturing company you first need to send us the specifications of the car by filling out a contact form by clicking HERE. Once you have sent us all the information on the order form, then our car manufacturing company sales staff will give you an official quotation. The information we require in the following details below:

* Purchaser name:

* Delivery address:

* Phone number:

* Model of the car you are interested in:

* What size engine:

* Type of transmission:

* Exterior color:

* Interior color:

If you are satisfied with the price we offered you, then the our accounts department will prepare a bill of sales invoice and purchase agreement contract.

Once you have received these documents in your email, you then print the paperwork and sign the bill of sales invoice and purchase agreement. After you have signed these documents you scan the signed paperwork and return these pages to our accounts department.

Then our car manufacturing company accounts department staff will then sign the documentation also and return the signed sealed paperwork to your email.

The payment method.

Our accounts department will send you the bank details to make the first initial payment by bank transfer.

The payment table is divided into stage payments and each stage requires a part payment.

Up date status report of each stage.

You are constantly informed regarding the development of the project. We send you photos and videos of each stage to confirm with you that the project is being assembled according to the requirements specified on the purchase agreement.